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Do you have a special animal friend ?
Are your pets brothers/sisters/buddies ?
Do you have an interesting story to tell about your pet?

Submit your picture to media@topbooksworthreading.com and tell us about it

We choose three of the best submissions each week to feature of this website.
Winners receive a $5 gift card ( choose between Starbucks and Amazon)

Our Current Winners:

1) Real Puppy Brothers Toby and Dante - Submitted by Genie G.- California
     " Toby and Dante are trained medical therapy dogs, they enjoy having fun at the beach."

2) Max's Perfect Ride - This is his perfect place to sit . He enjoys Rock and Roll.  Submitted by Jose - Texas

3) Jumper and  Flash - They live on the same block. They often run into each other and enjoy a warm greeting.  Submitted By Sandra and Ted -  Rhode Island

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